You Are Not Failing At Intermittent Fasting, Your Fasting Protocol Is Failing YOU...

Keep Reading To Find Out Why Popular Intermittent Fasting Protocols
Set You Up For Failure

Intermittent fasting has helped many people get healthier without the hassle of tracking food.  

But, sadly, for many others, fasting doesn’t provide the benefits they had hoped for over the long term.  

While fasting has many benefits, when we get REALLY hungry, most of us gravitate to energy-dense nutrient-poor foods that quickly undo all our discipline, deprivation, and restriction.

To achieve long term success, you need to find the minimum effective dose of fasting that gives you long term results you want without pushing your body so hard that it rebels and leaves you trapped in an endless restrict-binge cycle.  
Energy balance is king but counting calories is the hardest path to weight loss...
Many people try calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal. However, the vast majority of people find this way of life unsustainable for a range of reasons.  

  • While we can be disciplined most of the time, it’s those occasional meals that undo all our hard work. 
  • Even if you were able to weigh and measure EVERYTHING you ate, the data in your app never perfectly matches the foods you are eating. 
  • Your body also doesn’t ‘burn’ the food in the same way that calories are measured. 
  • ​Your calorie tracking app doesn’t account for the thermic effect of food that changes, depending on the macronutrient profile of your food and the degree of processing.
  • ​Any calorie target from an online calculator is going to be inaccurate. Your metabolism is complex, and the amount of energy you require depends on a range of factors, including your muscle mass, exercise, your stress level and your sleep time and quality (not to mention lockdowns and pandemics which restrict your movement).
  • ​Your energy expenditure changes from day to day. So, if you try to maintain a fixed calorie intake, there is a serious risk that your healthy appetite signals will become dysregulated as you try to push through hunger some days and overeat on others. 
  • ​When you suddenly slash your energy intake, your body adapts to survive. Your metabolic rate slows. You will produce less heat; you will feel less energetic and your involuntary activity will reduce. Rather than enforcing an abrupt drop in calories, it’s ideal to slowly ratchet down your energy intake, but only just enough to ensure you continue to move toward your goals.
  • ​While energy is always conserved, the factors on either side of the calories in vs calories out equation are incredibly complex and beyond our ability to manage accurately (even with the latest trackers and apps).
  • ​Eating is impulsive and instinctual. Your appetite keeps you alive and ensures you seek out the nutrients you need. However, it also means that, despite our best efforts to limit the amount we eat, our appetite usually wins out in the end. 
Counting calories and obsessing over food may cause an eating disorder
If you’ve ever tried tracking your calories, you will understand that your lizard brain doesn’t like giving over control of your appetite to a smartphone app. While calories in vs calories out sounds seductively simple, your reptilian instincts will fight for control when awoken by the seeming threat of starvation.    

Many people become anxious when they put so much effort into tracking everything they eat and don’t get the results they hoped for. Sadly, food tracking often causes unhealthy neurosis for many people.   

A 2017 study of people with a diagnosed eating disorder found that 75% of the participants reported using MyFitnessPal. Disturbingly, 73% of the MyFitnessPal users said that MyFitnessPal had contributed to their eating disorder.
With 24/7/365 access to food, we eat around the clock...
Our ancestors ate the food they caught or collected. When the food was scarce they simply fasted. 

They didn’t have to avoid foods (unless they were poisonous).

They never counted calories because mother nature enforced a cycle of fasting and feeding.  

The truth is, we are genetically wired to go some time without food.

This is the missing link in our modern, hyperpalatable food environment. 
We Noticed 3 Big Problems That Every Popular Fasting Protocol Gets REALLY WRONG

Problem #1: Popular fasting protocols don’t use data to guide you when you should eat and when to skip a meal. 

Most of the protocols were invented from an individual’s personal experience without relying on any hard data.

If someone on Facebook does 16:8 or 20:4 it DOES NOT mean it will work for you.

Without personalisation to the individual, any fasting protocol is almost guaranteed to be unsustainable and result in failure.

We realised that this cookie-cutter approach to fasting had to STOP. So we created the first of its kind, data-driven approach to fasting.

Problem #2: Popular fasting protocols don’t do anything to retrain your healthy appetite signals so you don’t end up with a binge eating disorder.

While it’s invaluable to learn that you don't need to be eating all the time, trying to stick to a fixed calorie target or a rigid eating pattern will drive eating disorders. You will lose touch with your healthy appetite signals.   

A quantified approach to mindful eating should be central when practising intermittent fasting.

Problem #3: Fasting protocols don’t tell you how to correctly break a fast and fill your body with nutrients so you don’t binge later.

Where people most commonly come unstuck with fasting is when they refeed. 

"Every fool can fast, but only the wise man knows how to break a fast."
 -George Bernard Shaw

We believe what you eat after you fast is critical to achieving any long term benefit from your sacrifice during your fasting. Unfortunately, many fasting proponents, with their fear of the short term insulin response to food actually cause their followers to consume low satiety, energy-dense nutrient-poor foods that leave them in a constant binge/restrict cycle.

Sadly, they continue to lose and regain the same few pounds without achieving the meaningful, long term results they hoped for, in spite of their deprivation and sacrifice.  
A 3-Step Data-Driven Fasting Challenge
That Personalises Your Fasting, Just For You,

Step #1: Establish Your Personalized Trigger Point
We’ll teach you how to use two simple tools that guide you in the process of whether you should eat or skip a meal. Identify your Personalized Hunger Trigger Point so you don’t eat when your fuel tank is still not empty.  

Most importantly, your personalised trigger continually updates as you progress, to ensure you continue to move toward your goal in the long term.
Step #2: Hunger and Fullness Training
Data-Driven Fasting will teach you how to identify whether you are truly hungry as well as the important questions to ask yourself during your next meal.
Step #3:  Personalised Fasting Protocol
The Data-Driven Fasting Protocol will show you how to tailor your fasting to your unique metabolism and your routine to ensure you build a sustainable practice that you will enjoy.  
30-Day Data Driven Fasting
Live Challenge

Start Achieving Your Goals With Personalised Approach To Fasting

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